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E15 | Coffee Trends 2016

Wes and Jesse discuss coffee trends. Sound boring? No! It’s not boring. It is interesting. This is not your average coffee shop conversation. So get

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E13 | Christmas Special

Join Weston and Jesse in the Christmas Special episode of The Coffee Podcast. They clearly had too much eggnog before the episode, but that doesn’t

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E12 | Coffee JAB

The Coffee Podcast is not just a place for friendly brew talk and coffee technique, it is also a place to discuss the trends in

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E11 | Coffee Snobs

Jesse and Wes do not hold back on this controversial topic. Why is specialty coffee labelled with this stereotype? How true is the stereotype to

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E9 | Black Coffee Friday

There is plenty to be thankful for – especially in the Coffee World!  Cafés  Baristas Roasters Importers Exporters Producers Coffee Pickers Coffee Farmers

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