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E36 | Kenya Not?

Do you enjoy corny coffee humor? Do you sit at your roaster bored just waiting for the next cup? Well, you’re either gonna love this

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E35 | Millennial Coffee

Millennials get a bad wrap for a lot of things these days but certainly not for the way they influence the coffee industry. Tune in

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E32 | Aeropress Impress

E32 | Aeropress Impress Follow along as Wes and Jesse try to recreate the 2015 Aeropress Championship recipes right at home.  Mentions:– Aeropress Championship Recipes – La

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E31 | The Big Picture & WCR

Do you ever wonder, “Will coffee always be around?” Sustaining this wonderful crop and providing ways of giving it value in the long-run is the BIG

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E29 | Light, Medium, Dark?

Wes and Jesse take the French Press on for yet another interesting experiment. Does a coffee’s roast have a direct affect on how it tastes?

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