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E65 | Rotating Roasters

Wes and Jesse discus the pros and cons of a rotating roaster. What are your thoughts? Follow us on Instagram @TheCoffeePodcastSend us messages or podcast

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E64 | Holiday Coffee

E64 | Holiday Coffee What is Holiday Coffee? We’re happy you asked. Wes and Jesse talk about what is on the market and why. They

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E63 | Are You A Caffeine Junkie?

REFERENCES: Caffeine InformerCaffeine Content of Drinks You have a limitMayo ClinicCaffeine: How much is too much? Follow us on Instagram @TheCoffeePodcast Send us messages or

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E62 | Trinity One Live Action

Wes and Jesse un-box the very anticipated Trinity One brewer live on the podcast for potentially one of the strangest, silliest, most outrageous episodes yet.

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E61 | Thankful Coffee 2.0

RTD GREEN COFFEE COLD BREW Daily Coffee News (Howard Bryman)RTD Cold Coffee Startup Sunup Revolves Around Green, Unroasted Coffee  WILL COFFEE BECOME EXTINCT? World Coffee

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E60 | Coffee Is Changing

Sometimes it is refreshing to state the obvious. What are ways you have seen coffee change over the years? Where do you think it is

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E59 | Starbucks Reserve® & Sustainability

REFERENCES: Starbucks and sustainability The Huffington Post (Shahien Nasiripour) –Starbucks Is Selling Nearly A Half-Billion Dollars in ‘Sustainability’ Bonds  Reserve yourself before confronting SBUX with

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E57 | INTERVIEW: KitchenAid

Join Wes and Jesse in an interview with Dan, the Senior Category Manager of Coffee & Tea with KitchenAid’s small appliances and John, the Senior

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