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E67 | Hipster Coffee Agenda

Wes and Jesse raise the question, “What is traceable coffee and what is the motivation behind it?” Share your thoughts… Follow us on Instagram @TheCoffeePodcastSend

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E65 | Rotating Roasters

Wes and Jesse discus the pros and cons of a rotating roaster. What are your thoughts? Follow us on Instagram @TheCoffeePodcastSend us messages or podcast

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E64 | Holiday Coffee

E64 | Holiday Coffee What is Holiday Coffee? We’re happy you asked. Wes and Jesse talk about what is on the market and why. They

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E63 | Are You A Caffeine Junkie?

REFERENCES: Caffeine InformerCaffeine Content of Drinks You have a limitMayo ClinicCaffeine: How much is too much? Follow us on Instagram @TheCoffeePodcast Send us messages or

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