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E129 | Coffee Myths: Extraction with Matt Perger

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Is extraction not as complicated as we were thinking?


Extraction with Matt Perger

Coffee extraction is one of those coffee brewing topics that can really get your brewer mind into a bind. It has been a topic on the show before, but not like this. Is it possible we have been thinking about extraction all wrong?

About Matt Perger

Matt was the World Brewers Cup Champion for 2012 and is currently the leader of the organization called Barista Hustle. BH is known for its great impact on barista education through mostly free content provided by a team of coffee lovers.


Episode References

Content References

Barista Hustle — Website

Kruve Inc. — Mentioned during Matt’s discussion of extraction experiments at Barista Hustle.

Onyx Coffee Lab — Coffee used during Matt’s extraction experiments.


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