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E16 | All The Hands: El Salvador (Part 1)

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Today’s Issue

  • Environmental, social stability as mentioned in article by Daily Coffee News which inspired this conversation. jimmy-sherfey
    • “Buyers have to be aware that if they want quality, they have to do their part, and it’s not a buck twenty a pound,” Salvadoran coffee producer Jaime Alvarez
    •  “We need to de-commoditize coffee, [we need] relationship coffee… Our costs are going up.”

Three Forces (The Three-C’s) that are acting upon El Salvador

  • Cultural
    • Violent gangs
    • Co-Op debt and risk
  • Conditions
    • El Niño (Drought)
    • Coffee Rust
  • Currency
    • Sagging Commodities Market

Final words:

Do we have a part? If so, what is it?

What CAN we do? Does it matter?

  • Talk about it. Bring it to the surface.
  • Have ideas, talk about those ideas, and do something about it.

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